Norfolk County Council Minerals and Waste Plan

Norfolk County Council (NCC) is in the process of finalising its Norfolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan (NM&WLP). The NM&WLP contains policies which will be used to determine planning applications for minerals developments and waste management facilities in Norfolk, this includes the persistent allocation of a site in the middle of our village for gravel extraction.

There are 55 residential properties that border 3 out of the 4 boundaries within 250m of the proposed site, one side falling within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. Us residents and neighbours are expected to put up with noise from the separation of the aggregate from the sand, dust and 80 HGV traffic movements, every day, for the next 7 years! **Stopit2 modelling has confirmed that dust and particulate matter, on certain days and wind directions are likely to extend far into the village**.

The site along Crab Apple Lane is currently productive farmland used for food crops. If the plan for this site goes ahead, this valuable land would be removed from productive farming for eternity. There is also the concern that if one application is successful then this will almost certainly encourage other applications for similar mining or landfill sites in the village.

This is the same site that was applied for in 2010, had planning refused and then on appeal at high court in 2014 (at considerable cost to the original “Stopit” association) was dismissed. 

August 2022 Village Survey

In the summer this year the residents of Haddiscoe were informed of the imminent submission and asked if they would be opposed, neutral or in favour. 82% of households were opposed to the proposed new development, 15% were neutral and 3% were in favour. We believe the numbers against are even higher and we may look to survey again to reach even more of the villagers.

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